Backless booster seat requirements

What are some backless booster requirements?

Backless booster seat requirements

What is a backless booster seat and what is the use of it? Backless booster car seat as the name suggests, is a backless car seat that a child uses to maximize his or her safety on a car should a car crash happen by adding height to the child.

Why should a backless booster seat be used?

A backless booster seat adds height to the child so that the seat belt can be worn properly, it is recommended by experts that seat belts cross the childs body on the lap and shoulder, so that if an accident is to occur, the seat belt will not come into contact with the childs weak spots areas such as stomach, neck or pelvis.

What are the requirements for a backless seat?       

There are a few requirements that are recommended by experts that if met, they can graduate to backless booster car seat. However, migrating to the next stage reduces safety of your child, so it is recommended that he/she stays as long as possible in a forward facing car seat so as to increase the safeness of your child.

  • Reached the maximum height and weight for forward facing car seats

Is your child complaining that he/she does not fit anymore in the forward facing car seat? Then maybe it’s time to graduate to the backless booster car seat, if not, then its best you leave him/her there (forward facing car seat)


  • Child is atleast 4 years old

A 4 years old child’s body is strong enough to be able to use less protection.


  • Atleast 4 feet 9 inches tall

Your child must have atleast reached the above mentioned height so that the belt will fit properly.


  • Child is atleast 40lbs or more

If your child has reached the minimum weight of 40 pounds then consider using a backless booster


  • Knees not bending

When your child is tall enough that his/her knees reaches the edge of the seat and also if the child does not have to slouch or bend.


The main reason why backless boosters are used is such that the seat belts fit the child properly, that is, it crosses the child shoulder and lap


  • Advantages of using a backless booster car seat

Some of the advantages of using a backless booster car seat is that, it’s easy to remove and install and it’s also portable, so you can easily detach it and use in other cars, plus they take up less space as opposed to a normal booster car seat and at the same time, it raises your child so that the seat belt comes into contact with the child’s lap and shoulders.