The Best Booster Seat For 4 Year Old

What is the best booster seat for 4 year old?

Parents always desire to keep their children safe while driving around in their cars. However, there is only so much one can do. One might have a car with the latest safety features, be a super careful driver, but they cannot control other drivers, and sometimes accidents happen.

Booster seats can keep an infant, a baby, or child from being harmed in an accident. Booster seats are advised for all parents. The law also commands for their use. Furthermore, specific booster seats brands are required at various periods of life.

Below are the booster seats for a 4-year old which makes it simple for one to ensure that a child is protected.

 Evenflo Maestro Booster Car SeatGraco Affix Youth Booster SeatEvenflo Big Kid High Back BoosterChicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt Positioning Booster
Item Weight:11 pounds9.8 pounds8.2 pounds10.2 pounds
Product Dimensions:27.7 x 20 x 19 inches25.6 x 16.9 x 9.2 inches
16.5 x 19 x 33 inches28 x 19 x 8.5 inches
Minimum weight:22 Pounds30 Pounds30 Pounds30 Pounds
Maximum weight:110 Pounds100 Pounds110 Pounds110 Pounds
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  1. Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat with Latch System, Atomic

The seat with a Latch Technique assists for the transportation of a toddler from 31 to 90 lbs. It can also accommodate a child with a height of up to 57 inches. It provides a secure connection to a vehicle seat. It has a one-hand front-adjust Latch system which makes self-buckling easier  for an independent child. The purpose of the Latch in the booster is to secure it to the vehicle seat. The Latch also secures the booster if unoccupied as well as helping to ease independent buckling.

Secure the child in the booster seat with the vehicle lap/shoulder belt too. The seat has an integrated cup holder and hide-away storage compartment.


  • It holds the seat belt in the correct places.
  • It’s easy to assemble and install.
  • It converts to a backless booster for when a child gets older
  • It is light, making it easy to move to different cars.


  • It does not have the easy latch option for parents who switch seats out.
  • When installed the headrest does not stay locked in the correct position.
  • The side cushions are narrow hence difficult for a youngster to be comfortable.


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  1. Evenflo Big Kid High Back Booster, Naperville

The booster gets a youngster thrilled about being seated in a car seat. It has 6 stature spots. The back changes as a kid grows. It retains the head cushion and the side in the appropriate spot.

It also adjusts into a backless supporter. The kid will adore the comfy cushioning around the body and head. Flexible cub containers are ideal for snacks.



  • Seats are comfy and fit in a narrow seat space
  • The height change is very simple with the release lever accessible to a parent.
  • This seat is lightweight and is easy to assemble out of the box


  • It is not comfortable for sleeping
  • The seat shifts without a child in it.


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  1. Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt Positioning Booster, Atmosphere

The booster features DuoZone Side-Impact Protection. The feature puts KidFit head and shoulders above the rest. It has 10 positions of the combined head and shoulder protection for growing children.

KidFit also features SuperCinch Latch attachment and one-pull tightener. These features help keep the seat in place for easy in/out. Dual froth cushioning and formed ErgoBoost chair offers support and comfort in the proper areas.

Two delicate-sided cup containers close when not being used. They are also detachable for cleaning. Different structures consist of simple-to-use car belt manuals. Furthermore, it has a resting seat and a detachable backrest that acts as a backless booster.


  • It is easy to install
  • It is easy to remove and clean
  • Easy to move around


  • The seat belt is hard for a child to buckle in.
  • The seat belt slips out of the guiding clip above the child’s shoulder.


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  1. Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat Thunder

The Evenflo Maestro is a forward facing-harnessed car seat. It can be converted to a belt-positioning booster for children from 40-110 pounds.

It has a 4-shoulder harness and 2 crotch strap positions. The seat’s creative design changes to fit a youngster’s requirements as they keep on growing. The Maestro head support has an exclusive form. The shape steers the buckle around a kid’s shoulder and neck for an exact fit.

It has incorporated cup compartments. The cup holders have adaptable strips to keep drinks and snacks safe. The gentle, machine washable seat cushion permits simple cleaning of messes. The lightweight model comes furnished with a simple to use Latch framework. It additionally incorporates a tie, for simple development and installation between cars.


  • Easy installation and removal in case you need to switch cars
  • Comfortable for kids to sit in for long car rides
  • Plenty of padding to keep them safe in case of an accident
  • The cover can be removed and washed if needed.


  • Hard to tighten straps
  • Seats shift when you tighten the straps


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Why Evenflo Maestro is best

Evenflo Maestro continues to be a leader in safety, innovation, and education for many centuries. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has authorized it as a “Top Bet.”

The Maestro’s vehicle adapting belt aids in placing a car leg’s shoulder belt. The belt moves across a kid’s shoulder to offer ideal safety.

The Maestro’s mechanical reliability endures around twice the force of the Federal Crash Test Level. It also outdoes Evenflo’s specific detailed side collision experimental measures.


Life can get pretty hectic when one has little children and forgetting the important things is easy. But do not pass over the issue of a child’s safety in the car. Buy a booster seat to keep the child safe.

There are several online retail stores where one can buy the best booster seat for 4-year-old. However, when buying online, it is best to choose a trusted and reliable retailer.

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