What is the best infant car seat shoulder strap position?

Learn about infant car seat shoulder strap position

best infant car seat shoulder strap position

A common mistake in getting infant car seat shoulder strap position is usually found in any case of a traffic accident. Somehow, the parents do not make it tight and put it properly in a correct way. This will be a great cause of fatal accident since the kids will probably be jumping around in a car. To be able to make your baby safe in a car, there are several heading information you should know about positioning your baby strap. Here we go.

Infant car seat shoulder strap position should be tight

Rear-facing seats should be set up using harness slots at child’s shoulder. Sometimes, you can also set it on your baby’s shoulder, but please remember not to set it up to upper the shoulder. It is dangerous. A pinch test is needed as well to maintain and check whether it fits perfectly or not using only one finger between the shoulder and the harness of your baby. Find the closest spot for your baby when using buckle position and fasten the chest clip at armpit position. It makes your baby sitting in the right position.

Then, when it comes to forward-facing seats, you must know that 5 points harness is recommended the best since it has been tested safe for baby. You should adjust the harness after the coat has been taken off. Since it is convertible, forward facing seats need to be positioned properly. Buckle positioning is truly needed to be concerned. Sometimes, it has more than one buckle position. Set the buckle tongue on your baby’s shoulder and make sure it is tight.

What you should avoid when setting infant car seat shoulder strap position

Sometimes you have to travel in cold weather so that you want to put your baby into padded clothing. padded clothing will make the harness not to protect them efficiently. You have to adjust the strap, both rear facing and forward facing, into a proper position first before going to buckle up your baby.

So, that’s how you might want to set your infant car seat shoulder strap position. Any prevention and proper act for your kids are going to boost positive impact rather than negative impact as well. Being a parent is usually tiring since you must standby and know a lot of things, one of the things are setting up your baby car seat. But, it will be a great experience for you as parents if you know how to set a proper safety car ride for your loved ones.