High back booster seat laws: Things you should know

High back booster seat laws

High back booster seat laws

High back booster seat laws are important for parents. Many people concern about when they have to take off infant car seat into a high back booster since their kids are going to grow up more and more. Actually, it has been decided into law by American Academy of Pediatrics states. Children with specific height will eventually need to use a back booster. Meanwhile, when the kids grow up, parents should think about removing the booster seat as well. This article may be a great help for you, parents, who are currently working to decide whether your children should stay in a high back booster or not.

High back booster seat laws to maintain your kid’s safety

An appropriate car seat is truly needed since our kids growing up day by day. For instance, you can put your one year kid into a common car seat; you will need infant car seat. In the other hand, you have to start thinking about replacing it with high back booster seat when they are growing up to reach 40 pounds. A lot of parents will directly put their children into a usual car seat. It is dangerous, somehow, since adult’s back is not similar to children’s back. Some boosters with backs will help your kids to get a proper rest in a car when you travel into somewhere. It helps reducing jiggle of your kid’s head.

High back booster seat laws and authorities

If we look from a practical standpoint, you must start to consider the car limits, based on your toddler’s height and weight. Look up into the harness slot and take a look at your kid’s shoulder. If it is the top slots, you have to consider in changing seats. Kids under 4 will definitely need a high back booster seat to stay comfortable in a way. So, a high back booster seat is proper for a child within the range 40 until 80 of weight.

That’s we should know as parents. In addition, according to discussion panel and HealthyChildren.org, high back booster seat laws have mentioned that kids before reaching 4 feet and 9 inches tall, should not use any back booster. It is important since adults lap and shoulder safety belts don’t fit perfectly for children. But, when your children reach about 80 pounds and grow until proper height, you can start using this high back booster seat because their legs are able to bend their knees as well.