Types of Car Seats by Age

Recommended car seats by age As a parent, your child’s well-being should be your topmost priority. It is imperative that your child rides in a seat that is appropriate for his/her age and size.  Choosing the correct car seat by age can be unnerving and extremely arduous for most parents. A recent survey by National… Read More »

At what weight can my baby sit forward facing?

Forward Facing Car Seats for Children According to a 2011 report by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 250,000 kids are hurt yearly in car accidents, and about 2,000 perish from their wounds. Furthermore, the infant passenger death rate in the U.S is at least double that of other comparable wealthy nations. Several of… Read More »

Best car seat for 3 year olds

When looking for a car seat for your child, take extreme precaution and make sure that you choose the best and the safest seat for your child as this will guarantee his or her comfort and  safety during trips that you will be making. If you are wondering how to go about this, don’t worry. We got your back. This article will highlight some of the best car… Read More »